Hello and cozy October to you!

The nightless nights are long gone and it’s getting darker hear in the Arctic Circle. I’m having a hard time understanding that it’s only 84 days until Christmas! So, it won’t be long before the autumn rains turn into snow. I can hardly wait!

It is our favorite activity at the moment to admire the enchanting night sky. Have you ever wondered, what it would feel like to be able to travel through space and millions of stars? Because we have with Flippie the Elf and that’s why she came up with new delicious space rocket recipe. If you want, you can also get this recipe from the latest Santa’s Elf Club video.

I just ate one rocket myself and now I have more energy than all the other elves combined! I just can’t decide what to do first: would I make a woolen sock inventory or take a nap? What do you think? I’ll give my voice for a nap.




Vanilla the Elf


P.s. Remember to brush your teeth carefully in the evening, if you eat sweets during the day!