Good day my friend!

It’s July and the vegetable gardens are full of delicious vegetables. I wanted to check that you definitely remember to eat your greens like a cheery elf.

Us elves we are not the only ones who love to eat all sorts of vegetables. Sometimes it’s very difficult to try to fit in the garden at the same time with our bunnies and sheep, because those guys loooove carrots! One day I was in the garden happily picking up fresh carrots into my basket as I suddenly noticed that the carrots were gone, and my basket was empty. It took me a while to realize that the sheep had sneaked behind my back and stolen everything from my basket. I couldn’t even get mad at them. Instead I picked up as many vegetables into my arms as I could, and we had a picnic. Let me just tell you, that it was the tastiest picnic I’ve ever had!

If eating vegetables causes you problems, you should check the latest Santa’s Elf Club video and see in what a fun way Flippie the Elf enjoys her vegetables.





Vanilla the Elf