Well hello!

One of the greatest strengths of our elves is problem solving, although problems are not always solved by the first attempt. However, one should not be discouraged if something doesn’t work as was originally thought. One of the finest things about being an elf is that we are never alone with our problems. Someone is always there to help you.

Yesterday I was making notes if people are being kind and good and I made a revolutionary observation. Just as we elves get help from each other, so do people… if you just know how to ask for help and accept it from others. The most important rule of being kind is to help others. And did you know that when you help others, you get two kindness points with one shot! You get the first point by helping someone, and when you help, you show a good example to others and that gives you the second point. Sometimes I can’t but laugh how easy it is to be kind.

In this months Santa’s Elf Club -video a high doorstep is causing the elves some headache. One after the other they fall down, and Ferdie the Elf faces his most challenging problem yet. Will a hint from Santa Claus finally help him solve the problem? Check out the newest video and see what Ferdie comes up with this time!




Vanilla the Elf


Pst! Only 266 days until Christmas!